Under the Sea!

11 07 2008

Grab your snorkel, this week we went on an underwater adventure at Under the Sea camp. We were scuba divers exploring the ocean floor and learning all about the marine life that lives beneath the water’s surface. For instance, did you know that Killer Whales are not actually whales? They’re actually the largest type of dolphin!Today we learned all about fish. From tiny clownfish to 700 pound Marlin, we met them all! We took on the role of marine biologists and studied the anatomy of a real fish, which was really interesting, but also really smelly! We observed the fins along the sides, top and bottom of our specimen and learned that fish use their fins to swim through the water and change directions while they are swimming.

Next time you go to your local zoo, aquarium, pet store or just in your home aquarium, you should pay close attention to the fins of the fish. Which fins seem to move the most? How does the shape of the fin affect the way it swims?We also made colorful fish imprints from the scales of a real fish! Then we ventured out into the museum and observed real live fish swimming around in the aquarium. Some were big and some were small, some had stripes and were decorated in vibrant, tropical colors. We drew pictures of our favorite aquatic friends to take home to our parents. What’s your favorite fish?



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