Rainy Day Fun

15 01 2010
Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  A rainy day is perfect for making crafts, reading or playing games.

Today at the Museum everyone made the most of the rain by playing in Tinker’s Workshop, exploring, or going to Storytime.

Everyone listened and watched as Paul read "The Mixed-Up Chameleon" by Eric Carle.

Later, someone else made a card with paper cutouts in the workshop.

What do you do on rainy day?

Turn Packaging Into Playthings

19 08 2009

Packing materials come in interesting shapes and structures that are just begging to be redesigned! These castles were made from boxes, paper towel rolls, and packaging from our printer toner cartridges:


castle 003

castle 004

Go to Craft Magazine’s blog for more ideas on things you can make out of materials formerly destined for the recycle bin. Just one more reason to get excited when a package comes in the mail!

Make a Butterfly

22 07 2009



· Construction paper

· A pencil

· Scissors

· Newspaper

· Paint (as many colors as you like)


1) To make your paper butterfly, fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw one side of a butterfly. Look at the butterflies below for inspiration. Cut out your butterfly shape and unfold your paper. You now have a butterfly.

2) Lay newspaper or another piece of construction paper down to protect the surface you are working on. Squeeze your paint in the center of your paper butterfly. You can use as many colors as you like!

paint squeeze

3) Fold your butterfly in half and press down. The paint might spill out a bit, but that is OK. You are squishing your paint to spread it to your butterfly’s wings.

folded butterfly

4) Unfold your butterfly and look at your colorful creation!



Shrinky Dinks

8 07 2009

You will need:

· #6 plastic

· Baking Sheet

· Scissors

· Permanent Markers

· Hole Punch

· String

· Oven


Elena will explain more about Shrinky Dinks and show you how to make one!

If you do this project at home, make sure to run a fan or open a window – the shrinking plastic can be stinky! Take a look at the Museum calendar to see when we will be making Shrinky Dinks and other crafty projects.



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