Christmas Bird Count- a 111 year tradition!

21 12 2010

Do you know that birdwatchers have been participating in the Christmas Bird Count throughout America for over 100 years? In the late 1880’s it was traditional to hunt birds on Christmas day. Whoever brought home the most birds was the winner.  in 1900 the conservation movement was just beginning and Frank Chapman worried this tradition was contributing to the decline of the bird population. He organized the first Christmas Bird Count as an alternative to hunting.

Today bird watchers from around the country volunteer to observe birds in a specific 15 mile circle for a day in between Dec. 14- Jan. 5.  Their sightings are compiled and used to monitor the population of species and do additional research.

String cheerios onto a string and hang it from a tree branch. Watch birds and see how long it takes them to finish their treat.


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