Book Drive!

7 04 2011
Here at ACM, we’re having a book drive during the month of April! We’re hoping to expand our collection of early childhood books, which are used in our Baby Bloomers and Cub Club programs. We talked with Vy, who is our Education Program Intern and one of our staff members running the book drive, to find out more.

What types of books is the Museum looking for?
Vy: Children’s books for ages 0-3; visitors are more than welcome to share their child’s favorite books that they are willing to donate.

What qualities make a book great for ages 0 – 3?
Vy: Books that are colorful, have simple rhymes, and beautiful illustrations!

Why is it important to read to babies and toddlers?
Vy: Books give children a chance to learn about this amazing world. You find yourself talking with children about many topics that don’t usually come up in daily conversation. This adds to their knowledge and improves their vocabulary. They also learn about how to read. These pre-reading skills include everything from how to hold a book, which ways to turn the pages, even the direction that print is read. Reading to children gives them a chance to listen to rhythm and rhyme of words. This will help children learn phonics, which is the connection between letters and sounds. All of these skills will help the children in your care become successful readers. It’s never too soon to begin reading. Some people think that since babies won’t understand all the words, you shouldn’t read to them. But babies love books. Babies develop eye muscles by looking at pictures and learn many words from books.

There are several ways you can get involved:
  1. Bring 1 new or 3 gently used books in exchange for free admission to Cub Club or Baby Bloomers!
  2. Donate books for ages 0-3. We would especially love books from our wish list!
  3. Give spare change, and we’ll buy books. Several businesses have agreed to collect money on our behalf. So far, Texas State Optical, New Mandarin Chinese restaurant, and Chicoine Chiropractor (all three on S. Congress & E. Oltorf) have collection cans for the book drive. We’ll also have one here at the front of the Museum!

Vy’s favorite books to read at Storytime are The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle and My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss. What is your favorite book?



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