Bird Feeding Fun

25 02 2011

Earlier this month, we learned about the different birds seen at the annual Christmas Bird Count. This got us thinking more about birds, and we discovered that this month has been International Bird Feeding Month!

There are many different ways you can help feed the birds in your backyard.

One simple way to help feed birds is with a Bagel Bird Feeder. All you need is a bagel, string, peanut butter and bird seeds. First, you tie the string around the bagel. Then you spread peanut butter over the bagel and pour seeds on it. Once this is done, you hang the bird feeder from tree and watch the birds eat!

Bagel Bird Feeder

You can also do this with a pine cone, a soft pretzel or a corn husk.

After making your bird feeder, you can have your own bird count. Tally and research all of the different birds you see at the bird feeder.

Cooking with Math

21 01 2010

On Monday, our friends at C-Day Camp made trail mix by using math, and you can too!

To make this trail mix, you must count. Counting correctly is very important to math but it is also very important when making food. 

For this counting recipe you will need your favorite trail mix ingredients. At the Museum we like to use:

1 bag of popped popcorn
1 bag of pretzels
1 bag of animal crackers
2 cartons of whole grain Goldfish
1 bag of  M&Ms or raisins or mini marshmallows

Here is everyone waiting to count out their trail mix ingredients.

When making these at home, you could also use dried fruit, nuts, or granola.  You can also use just one cup of each ingredient if it’s only for you and your family so you don’t make too much. If not, invite friends over and you can all count together.

After you set out your ingredients, count each one into a bag to make your trail mix.  This is how I  like to make mine:

9 pieces of popcorn
8 pretzels
7 animal crackers
12 Goldfish
6 M&Ms

Each time you make a bag of the trail mix you can count to new numbers.  Tell us what you like in your trail mix. Don’t forget to keep count!

Here are our friends after they counted out their trail mix ingredients.


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