Staying Warm in January

24 01 2011

This winter has been a cold one, and it’s only half way over! With the help of scarves, coats and mittens, we have all managed to stay a little warm. Here is another way to stay warm: a hot sock.

For this project, you will need a large cotton sock, five to seven cups of white rice, a funnel and a ribbon.

First, put the funnel into the sock. If you don’t have a funnel, you can easily make one by rolling up a scrap piece of paper.

Then, pour rice through the funnel into the sock. You may want to use a cup to pour the rice into the funnel. Make sure you leave enough room at the top of the sock to tie a big knot.

After tying the knot, tie a piece of ribbon or string into a bow around the knot. For fun, you can decorate the sock with fabric markers. We decorated our sock with flowers, a tree and the sun to remind us of spring.

Finally, heat the sock in the microwave for three minutes or less. Your sock will then be ready to keep you warm!

Do you have any other tips for keeping warm in the winter?

Stitch It. Sew It. Pocket!

16 07 2009

This summer at the Austin Children’s Museum, you can make oodles of exciting crafts in our MakerKids exhibit. Creating a pocket is just one of our fun fabric activities.

You will need:

· A fabric square (The size of the square depends on the size you want your pocket to be. The smaller the fabric piece, the smaller the pocket. )

· A needle

· Thread (You can also substitute staples for thread)

· Yarn


pocket3post copyLay your piece of fabric face down. Fold the right and left side of your fabric about 1/2 an inch toward the center. This will eventually make the top of your pocket. Stitch each flap, but be sure to leave enough space for your drawstring.

Next, fold your piece of fabric in half. Stitch the right side, tie a knot once the side is stitched, and trim the extra thread. Repeat on the left side.

pocket5post copy

You now have an inside out pocket.

pocket7post copy

To make your drawstring, thread your yarn through your needle. Now, thread your yarn through both sides of your pocket.

pocket10post copy

Flip your pocket right side out, fill it with treasure, tighten the drawstring, and you’re done! Hooray!

pouchpost copy

The Austin Children’s Museum’s MakerKids exhibit will run through September 11. Visit our website to learn about all of our MakerKids activities.


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