Paint like Jackson Pollock

3 06 2009

Jackson Pollock was a very important American painter. His unique paintings are in museums around the world, including New York City and London. Pollock used an interesting technique when painting. He would put his canvas on the floor and drip paint onto the canvas! Here is an example of his artwork:


You can make your own Jackson Pollock inspired painting!

There is also a Jackon Pollock iPhone Application, so you can channel your inner Pollock on-the-go!

Online Abstract Art!

13 11 2008

Did you know that it is possible for anyone to be an artist- even you? Sometimes when we paint or draw a picture, we want our work of art to look very realistic, or life-like, but there are actually many artists who became famous by creating abstract art.

Abstract art is a form of art that uses colors and shapes in an unusual way. Abstract artists don’t worry about drawing people, animals, or landscapes as they always appear to be.

One famous abstract artist was Jackson Pollock. Pollock invented a form of abstact art that he called “action painting.” Pollock’s paintings were enormous- sometimes they were big enough to take up the entire wall of a house! Pollock quickly dripped paint all over his pictures to create layers of colors. Today, Pollock has his artwork in many famous museums.

There are lots of ways that you can create your own abstract art. Whether you are coloring with crayons, painting in art class, or even creating art on your computer, art does not always have to look realistic. We found some awesome websites where you can create your own abstract art online!

Bomomo allows you to use lots of fun brush tools to create your very own computerized art! The National Gallery of Art has an Art Zone for kids that allows you to create abstract art, collages, and even still lifes online! Have fun!


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