Science Fact of the Week: Your Weight in Outer Space

21 10 2008

Did you know that you weigh different amounts on other planets and moons compared to what you weigh on Earth? It’s true! Astronauts that travel to the moon find that they are much lighter than their weight on earth. This is because the moon has less gravity than the earth does.

Gravity is a force that pulls our bodies down to the ground, giving our bodies a certain weight. The stronger a planet’s or moon’s gravity is, the more we weigh, but because the moon has less gravity than the earth does, it makes an astronaut lighter on the moon.

The space suits that astronauts wear while walking on the moon weigh normally more than 200 pounds! This added weight helps keep the astronauts from floating too high as they are bouncing across the moon’s surface.

To find out how much you would weigh on other planets and on the moon go here! You may be surprised at some of the answers you get! If you want to learn more about outer space and about being an astronaut, go to the Arty the Part-Time Astronaut site for fun games and activities.


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