Flotsam Author David Wiesner is Coming!

11 10 2010

On Friday, Oct. 15 David Wiesner will be having a book signing here at the Museum from 3:30-5:30 pm. He will be introducing his newly published book  Art & Max.  You might be familiar with his visual story telling from his  Caldecott Award-winning  books , Tuesday, The Three Pigs, and Flotsam.

If you miss David Wiesner on Friday you can catch him and  over 200 other authors at the State Capital Building for the Texas Book Festival this weekend.

Art & Max features two lizards who create art. Only fictional lizards paint, but the patterns along the backs of lizards can inspire art. When shapes fit together perfectly creating a pattern it is called a tessellation. There are often interesting tessellation patterns made by scales on lizards’ backs.

Can you think of a shape that when repeated it creates a pattern without leaving any gaps? Maybe you can think of two shapes that when used together create a perfect patters. Cut these shapes out of an index card. Trace around the shape. Repeat until you have filled the page.

After I finished coloring my tessellation I used it as a backdrop to show my Austin Children’s Museum pride.

What are you going to do with your tessellation? Leave a comment to let us know! You could make it into a lizard or write your initials on it.

A masterpiece is taking shape

8 10 2010

Do you see the geometric shapes in Pablo Picasso’s Painting? Picasso is a famous Spanish painter. The Three Musicians is an example of cubism, a style of art that Picasso created with Georges Braque.

Pablo Picasso Three Musicians (1921) from Wikipedia 

Use shapes to bring out the Picasso in you and create a unique piece of art. Cut out shapes in different colors and spread them out on a piece of paper.


Arrange the shapes in different ways to create a picture. Once you glue down the shapes finish the masterpiece using markers.


13 07 2009

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. By folding pieces of paper, you are able to create a beautiful paper sculpture.

Watch Samm and her helper, Jackson, create a polyhedron origami. Follow their instructions and you can make your own origami creation at home!

You will need:

· An old magazine

· Scissors

· Tape (to secure your sculpture)

Visit the MakerKids exhibit at the Austin Children’s Museum to learn more about origami.



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