New Public Art!

28 03 2011

Over the past few days, an artist has been installing his work into the sidewalk across the street from the Museum. Today we got the chance to talk to him and find out what he’s been up to!

Sun McColgin is a sculptor who lives and works in Austin, TX. He works out of Pandora Studios and was commissioned to do this piece by the City of Austin as a part of the Medallion project on 2nd street. The project will include five other corners of 2nd street  and five other artists who will also install works that are recessed into the sidewalk.

Each of the six works is positioned on a cross street that is named after a Texas river (we are on Colorado Street). Sun told us that he chose to represent animals and fossils found on the Colorado river in his piece. He pre-made the circles out of polished concrete, stainless steel, and glass, then cut out the bricks and secured them with cement.

We’ve enjoyed watching Sun install over the past couple of days, and will definitely enjoy having this beautiful artwork so close to our front door. Make sure you check out the art next time you come down to the Museum!


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